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Queens University

Our Role:

Website & Application Development




Originally designed to send daily quotations to the users of, we realized that our application could be useful for delivering personalized content to users in a variety of other verticals. 

 After our success developing a residency wellness survey with the Department of Psychiatry, we concluded that our application could be effective in delivering daily supportive text messages to users experiencing depression and/or anxiety at scale. The idea was to increase the coping and stress management skills in teens and young adults by sending daily text messages in the form of ‘nudges’. We believe that these positive nudges, linked with a CBT coping strategy, can help inspire patients to look for and work on coping strategies while they are waiting for traditional services.


 Working collaboratively with the Queens team (Drs. Roberge, St. Denis and Adirim) we developed Currently in private beta, the app sends personalized picture texts (as popularized on social media) that combine a popular quotation with a coping strategy based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy frameworks.


Recent RCT studies have proven the effectiveness of delivering therapies via text message. Given that Mind Hero is affordable, easy to deploy, and can be scaled infinitely, we see it as a realistic option for closing current treatment gaps and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

At present, we continue to work on developing features and squashing bugs within the app while our Queens team leads the development of a coming research study. In addition, Mind Hero is being tested by a select group of residents in the Queens Psychiatry Program, along with business students at both Queens University and St. Lawrence College interested in shaping the next version.

Further details will be available after our public launch in mid-late 2018.