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Website & Application Development




Developed by Emmanuel Tamrat and former Microsoft and EA engineer Raheel Govindji, the technology behind Mind Hero and Nudge was developed to programmatically send information to smartphones at scale.  

Influenced by the work of Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, we believed our technology could be used to “nudge” users towards decisions that were in their best interest. ¬†Originally designed to send daily inspiration to the users of, we realized our technology had applications beyond sending motivational image macros.¬†


After our success developing a residency wellness survey with the Department of Psychiatry, we realized that our technology could be used to provide low cost adjunctive services to the general public. Many Canadian youth were on waiting lists for mental health services, and there were few online services that could fill the gap.

SMS messages are affordable, easy to deploy, and can be scaled to 1000’s of people at once. This model provided an opportunity to both close treatment gaps and assist in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.


Blindspot is currently working closely with Drs. Roberge, St. Denis, Adirim et al. to develop a research study supporting our belief that our technology can reduce cost and improve outcomes.

Our partnership with Queens is only the beginning as we make our technology available to other institutions interested in developing their own studies, and we pursue opportunities to deploy our service to users in other provinces, states, and countries.