Lost & Found / Working Title


Lost & Found / Working Title

Our Role:

SEO, E-mail, Social Media




Improve traffic, engagement, and conversions for both shoplostfound.com and workingtitleshop.com.

Outrank competing menswear retailers for similar search terms.


To use a variety of search engine optimization techniques to increase visibility, on-site navigation, image and keyword results, time-on-site, and conversions.

A re-design of newsletter templates, and change in frequency to improve retention and e-mail conversions.

Instagram focused strategy for better social conversions.

Results delivered:

45% increase in gross sales within three months of implementation.

33% increase in website visitors.

40% increase in pages viewed

36% increase in time spent on site

Earned media from industry giants like Complex, and local news outlets like BlogTo, Toronto Life, Post City, and others.


  • “Since working with Emmanuel and Blindspot, we have seen our traffic increase by 33% to our highest levels since we launched. Their insights and recommendations have allowed us to generate increased traffic on all levels – referral, search and social. Sales are now up 45%, with much of that attributed to their efforts. We can not tell you how much they have changed the back and front end of our websites.” – Jonathan Elias
    Jonathan Elias
    Co-Founder, Lost & Found and Working Title