Lost & Found + Working Title


Lost & Found + Working Title

Our Role:

SEO, E-mail, Social Media Strategy




After growing frustrated with a plateau in sales, and being outranked in local searches for similar products, Jonathan reached out to us to help improve traffic, engagement, and conversions for both shoplostfound.com and workingtitleshop.com.


Our strategy for Jonathan was simple: we would make a series of tweaks using SEO best practices that would be sure to increase visibility, on-site navigation, image and keyword results, time-on-site, and conversions.

In addition, we would assist in re-designing newsletter templates and headlines, and suggest a change in frequency to further improve conversions.

Our strategy also emphasized prioritizing Instagram over other social channels as it would likely provide the highest conversion rate.

Results delivered:

A 45% increase in gross sales within three months of implementation.

A 33% increase in site traffic (website visitors).

A 40% increase in pages viewed.

A 36% increase in time spent on site.

Earned media from industry giants like Complex, and local news outlets like BlogTo, Toronto Life, Post City, and others.


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