Papa Pizza Pie

After seeing our work for another client, the founders of Papa Pizza Pie (Asuza and Fullerton, CA) approached us requesting a custom digital solution that could process online orders.

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Our Work

We agreed to follow their exact guidelines for the site should look and feel, with the freedom to incorporate any payment processing solution that met their criteria. Any payment gateway we chose would have to handle a high volume of orders, be as inexpensive as possible, and simple enough to not require a technician’s assistance.


Following the specific requests of ownership, we built and deployed a custom wordpress website designed to maximize conversions with the fewest clicks possible. The new site would achieve this by being leaner, faster, mobile-friendly, and structured to appear higher in local Google searches — all of which the previous site failed to do.

After pitching several payment gateway options, we settled on incorporating SLICE— a New York based startup whose ordering system was designed to help Pizzerias focus on what they do best: making pizza.

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Order and Payment Processing Integration

Both Asuza and Fullerton locations were integrated with Slice—processing up to 400 orders per day without error.



Search Engine Optimized Website

Almost instant site loads and fewer clicks to order improved customer conversions by 300%


Keyword Targeting

A first page ranking on Google’s results page and a major increase in site traffic for several keywords