Digital Marketing for Real Estate and Vacation Rental Properties 


The Hogsback Bungelow


Private Real Estate Investor.


To help market a 6000 sqft luxury rental property in Ottawa, ON to private corporate clients and tourists seeking vacation rentals on Airbnb, VRBO, Trip Advisor, Home Away and other vacation rental listing sites.

  • On-page Search Engine Optimization (Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Home Away, Facebook)
  • Local SEO
  • Paid Social Media (Facebook Ads)
  • Copywriting and Ad Creative

SEO Real Estate and Airbnb Listings

As a 6000 sqft property with space for 16 guests and parking for 12 cars, our strategy for this property was to treat it less like a luxury home rental and more like one of the boutique hotels we've stayed in across the U.S.

Doing so meant improving the service experience from check-in to check-out and developing a brand that was easy for guests to remember and refer. This allowed us to differentiate from competitors on other vacation rental sites like Airbnb, Trip Advisor, VRBO, etc. whose listings were virtually indistinguishable and even harder to locate outside of the actual listing website.

We renamed the property The Hogsback Bungelow, emphasizing the natural setting of the location, and developed a search engine optimized listing for better visibility on Airbnb. We then setup new social pages to boost local SEO and launched a set of ads targeted at a handful of buyer personas. Lastly, we coached the owner on ways to improve the service experience based on research and interviews with guests.




Campaign Results


300% increase in revenue

$60,000+ in new revenue within the first 3 months alone. 


Free Airbnb Ads

Sponsored ads paid for by Airbnb due to the traffic and click throughs generated on the listing.

The success of the listing triggered Airbnb's own recommendation system to create new ads promoting the property. This generated even more traffic and bookings creating 100% profit for the owner.


500% increase in 5-star reviews

The listing experienced a 500% increase in reviews with 95% of those at 5 stars. 


84% Occupancy Rate

The listing dominated competitors with an almost 200% difference in occupancy rate (84%) as compared to the market avg. (47%) 


Generating over $60,000 in new revenue during the slowest time of year really impressed me. Your recommendations have helped us improve the guest experience and the property has never been busier. Me and my team couldn't be happier.

William S.

Real Estate Investor / Airbnb Host

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