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Van Hack

Working closely with VanHack’s team, we helped design, implement, and evaluate a variety of B2B and B2C campaigns including two large offline hiring events. During our work together, developers, designers, and digital marketers have been hired across Canada by top employers like Thinkific, Shopify, Lululemon, and Accenture.

Work With us

Our Work

Our work with VanHack is a great example of how HR managers and recruiters can leverage paid advertising and content marketing to attract top talent for the most competitive roles.


Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Designed, tested, and launched several new Facebook and LinkedIn ads campaigns

Implemented Facebook and Instagram re-marketing campaigns



Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Wrote, edited, and scheduled SEO blog articles and E-books designed for lead generation

(The Ultimate Relocation Guide, Create a global pipeline, Why the global talent stream solves your hiring problems, How does VanHack work, 5 tips for better recruiting)

E-mail Marketing & Automation

Designed and delivered e-mails to 200+ B2B and 150,000+ B2C clients. Built sequencing to automatically send regular follow up and trigger-based emails.

Custom Landing Page Development

Copywriting and layout design for the official landing pages of VanHack Leap.


Collaborative Video Editing

Working with videography team to annotate and edit sales videos


Interactive Survey Development 

Designed and distributed a variety of interactive surveys and questionnaires from staff feedback to webinars to B2C lead generation. 

Driving Diversity In Tech With In-Sourced Global Talent

The objective of Leap 1.0 was to help 20 global developers land jobs at some of Canada's fastest growing startups . This included flying candidates into the career fair to meet with pre-selected HR executives for a series of interviews. Despite an almost 100% hiring rate among the talent provided, the pool of candidates didn't include a single female developer.  

Leap 2.0 aimed to rectify this disparity by focusing on entirely on female developers. Once again, with a 98% hiring rate, the career fair was a success with candidates placed at companies like Skip the Dishes, Deloitte and others. 

Blindspot assisted with everything from landing page development and content marketing to on-site support. 





3x increase in monthly B2B leads without increasing cost per lead.


Improved organic search visibility and first page ranking for target keyword: global skills visa


Improved B2B webinar conversion rate to 32%


98% cumulative hire rate at all three Van Hack Leap events (Toronto, Waterloo, Calgary)

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