Since 2017, Blindspot has worked with VanHack’s global team to design, implement, and evaluate B2B and B2C campaigns across digital channels and offline events.  Based in Vancouver, BC, with Account Managers all over the world, VanHack has helped 347 developers, designers, and digital marketers get hired at companies like Thinkific, Shopify, Lululemon, and Accenture.

Our work with VanHack is a perfect example of how digital marketing techniques can be used to help recruiters attract and retain top talent for even the hardest roles to fill.


Designed, tested, and launched several new LinkedIn ads campaigns

Implemented Facebook and Instagram Re-marketing campaigns

Wrote, edited, and scheduled regular SEO blog articles for B2B lead generation (The Ultimate Relocation Guide, Create a global pipeline, Why the global talent stream solves your hiring problems, How does VanHack work, 5 tips for better recruiting)

Designed and distributed a company wide survey collecting employee data (headshot, bio, contact info) then edited and re-wrote company bios.

Designed drip marketing automation, delivered e-mail campaigns to over 1200 businesses within all B2B lists, and added e-mail capture where applicable.

Designed custom landing pages targeted to different stages of the buyers journey.


Webinar Conversion Rate

B2B & B2C Email Open Rates

Increased B2C Sign ups