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We build world-class campaigns for industry leaders and scrappy startups

Search Engine Optimization

Dominate the competition by getting your content or products to the top of Google’s search results. On and Off page strategies that improve your site’s visibility. Start getting high-converting organic leads.

Social Media Marketing

From status updates to long form articles for distribution across social media. We have the tools to build campaigns that grow your audience and to create content they want to engage with

Paid Ad Management

Dedicated Pay-Per-Click(PPC) campaigns that generate more leads, customers, and sales while keeping your cost-per-click and cost-to-acqure at a minimum. 


We Create Beautiful Experiences

As a full service digital agency located in Ottawa and Kingston, we help companies increase visibility, generate leads, engage and delight their customers. Our goal is to help you achieve growth through intelligent and data-driven marketing.

Here is a strategy we developed and executed focused on growth through Search Engine Optimization and content marketing for Learn more about how they became one of the most visited quote sites for millenials around the world

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Our Portfolio

Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves in this industry and that’s what you want from an advertising agency

Queens University

Working collaboratively with Drs. Roberge, St. Denis and Adirim, we completed the content required and launched a self-service website at


Since 2017, Blindspot has worked with VanHack’s global team to design, implement, and evaluate B2B and B2C campaigns across digital channels and offline events.


A strategy focused on growth through Search Engine Optimization and Content Marekting, has rapidly become one of the most visited quote sites for millenials around the world by creating engaging article, video and quiz content.

Strategy Planning

We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas of business so you can be sure that you won’t receive a generic service and although we can’t boast years and years of service we can ensure you that is a good thing in this industry.

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A Right Media Mix Can Make The Difference

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